Krimelte, manufacturer of chemicals for the construction industry, is changing its name to Wolf Group. Starting from September 1st, Krimelte UK Ltd new business name will be Wolf Group UK Trading Ltd

“Many of our partners, not to mention our workers, are already accustomed to the Wolf Group and its new identity – it speaks to them, it’s linked to our values and its memorable,” said management board member Jaan Puusaag.

“The wolf represents our mentality and value: teamwork, boldness, honesty, straightforwardness, intelligence and a hunter’s instinct.” To boost its identity further, the decision was taken to also adopt Wolf Group as a business name.

Wolf Group

The head office’s transition to the new business name and insignia will take place gradually starting at the beginning of next year. Existing business relations will not be affected by business name change since Wolf Group is a legal successor to Krimelte. Furthermore, Wolf Group will assume all Krimelte’s rights and obligations, and the structure, owners as well as the contact persons of the company will remain the same.

The company’s corporate website is at and its e-mail addresses will be in the form of Existing e-mail addresses will remain active for some time.

Our aim as the Wolf Group will be to continue to offer our clients first-rate products and excellent customer experience. The mission of the Wolf Group is to improve people’s quality of life by offering safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction solutions.