The Evolution of Hybrid Polymers

The continuous evolution that adhesives and sealants are undergoing, the result of improved technology, added to the nearly 50 years of experience of KRIMELTE, a WOLF GROUP company, has made the development of a new generation of hybrid products possible from the well-known brand OLIVÉ, one of which is the new multifunction adhesive and sealant OLIVÉ MS-35.

It has been developed based on MS polymer and is especially characterised by its excellent multi-substrate adhesion, its elastic properties and its resistance to UV rays and all types of weather conditions.

Excellent multi-substrate adhesion

The composition with a new adhesion promoter technology means OLIVÉ MS-35 can powerfully adhere to all types of materials and substrates, such as concrete, bricks, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, granite, marble, stone, plaster, wood, metals, glass, PVC and all types of plastics.

Elastic sealing

OLIVÉ MS-35’s special elastic properties of up to 600% provide joint sealing between materials that allows plenty of movement, this provides secure and durable leak-tightness as well as improving thermal insulation and acoustic attenuation.

Excelente adhesión multisoporte
Excelente adhesión multisoporte

Triple resistance

The OLIVÉ MS-35 adhesive-sealant is resistant to UV rays, to all types of weather conditions, and remains stable at extreme temperatures between -40°C to +90°C, as well as resisting numerous chemical agents.

This property means that the applied product has long-term durability.

Polímero MS Sella y Pega

Exceptional application even under water

The ease and simplicity of application is another of the characteristics of this new product; although the most exceptional feature is that, thanks to its modified silane technology, it can be applied on wet surfaces and even underwater, thus extending the diversity of fields of application.

Pegado bajo el agua


Building and Construction

Watertight and airtight sealing around windows and doors, whether aluminium, PVC, wood or mixed; expansion joints in precast concrete or natural stone facades; bonding of interior and exterior cladding panels; joining and sealing of multi-material covers; joints in flooring; repair and sealing of immersed joints and cracks; filling and repair of fissures and cracks.

Industrial applications

Semi-structural bonding in the automotive sector; fixing and sealing of sandwich panels in refrigeration installations and in refrigerated transport; bonding and sealing in the bodywork, caravan, container industry and in the marine industry; fixing of metal and plastic parts.

DIY sector

Allows the consumer to carry out numerous fixing and sealing tasks and repairs with all types of materials in the home.

Certified product

The OLIVÉ MS-35 hybrid adhesive-sealant is the product with most certifications in its class. It has CE marking, EN 15651-1 F-EXT-INT-CC and EN 15651-4 PW INT classification; it meets the specifications of ISO 11600 F-25HM; SNJF certified, AENOR certified and also meets the FDA 177.2600 standard on food contact according to testing at IANESCO.

OLIVÉ MS-35 is a cutting-edge and excellent quality hybrid adhesive and sealant, whose characteristics and properties provide effective solutions proven on bonding, sealing and filling applications with all types of materials.

It is a neutral product, does not corrode and is environmentally friendly and healthy.

José Mª Martos
Business Development Director
(Architecture & Industry)