17 Sep 2021

Krimelte UK Ltd is now Wolf Group UK Trading Ltd

“Many of our partners, not to mention our workers, are already accustomed to the Wolf Group and its new identity – it speaks to them, it’s linked to our values and its memorable,” said management board member Jaan Puusaag. “The wolf represents our mentality and [...]

26 Mar 2020

COVID-19 update from Krimelte UK

At Krimelte UK, we have put into action precautionary measures to ensure that we remain operational - all employees are working remotely from home, we are continuing to produce new orders and we continue to deliver orders picked from our UK warehouse. We would like to inform, that throughout our [...]

24 Sep 2019

Olive Quimica UK is now Krimelte UK Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that, after the acquisition of 100% of the participation of Olive Quimica UK on April 30, Wolf Group has taken another step forward in its commitment to the future by changing the company’s name to Krimelte UK Ltd.

22 Apr 2019

Olivé celebrates its 45th birthday

This month, Olivé Química celebrates 45 years in business, providing quality solutions and meeting its commitment to the environment, a business philosophy it has applied in all its processes from the outset. Its origins Olivé's origins go further back than the 1970s. In 1938, José Olivé Marcé set [...]

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