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During our 40 years of existence, Olivé has worked closely with the glazing industry to provide high performance solutions which meet its diverse sealant and adhesive requirements: from conventional joints between all types of glass to those required in airtight, insulated glazing units and structural glass façades.


Olivé systems make a major contribution to the improvement of energy efficiency in construction.

They provide durable sealing, fixing, insulation and waterproofing solutions for the wide range of materials used in new builds and refurbishments.


Olivé technology provides effective solutions for sealing all kinds of materials in healthcare and hygiene environments.

Their high performance prevents the formation of moulds and other forms of organic growth.


Olivé products are easy to use and highly effective for all kinds of decoration and repair work in the home.

They guarantee a quick, effective and lasting finish.


Olivé security systems are certified to European Standards to provide fire-resistant seals and passive fire protection in situations of smoke, heat and flame.


Olivé’s brand is also characterized by the development and manufacture of a variety of adhesives and bonding agents using widely differing technologies. This means they can meet the fixing requirements for many types of materials used in construction and industrial applications.


Olivé accesories have been specially designed for easy application, resistance and efficiency, making them indispensable allies in construction, decorating and industry.


This kind of OLIVÉ adhesives are based on the modern technology of Modified Polymers, neutral and odorless curing, especially recommended for bonding solutions and elastic fixation of various materials used in construction and industry, can be applied even on wet surfaces and providing excellent bonding performance.

Olivé Modified Polymers – Seal & Fix

Olivé Modified Polymers, three adhesives / sealants of high strength and durability, committed to the environment and with the highest quality. Solvents, isocyanates and emissions free

The Green Force that allows you to take control.

We save energy

Olivé Modified Polymers