17 Sep 2021

Krimelte UK Ltd is now Wolf Group UK Trading Ltd

“Many of our partners, not to mention our workers, are already accustomed to the Wolf Group and its new identity – it speaks to them, it’s linked to our values and its memorable,” said management board member Jaan Puusaag. “The wolf represents our mentality and [...]

20 Apr 2021

The new generation of MS polymer bond and seal

The Evolution of Hybrid Polymers The continuous evolution that adhesives and sealants are undergoing, the result of improved technology, added to the nearly 50 years of experience of KRIMELTE, a WOLF GROUP company, has made the development of a new generation of hybrid products possible from the well-known brand [...]

22 Feb 2021

Be more aware of the products you use

Our goal is to make our products users more informed about the used products and their qualities. To help the users to a fast and best result, attention should be paid to the following points:Proper understanding of the properties of chemicals and how they react on different substrates.The right application [...]

30 Nov 2020

Good practices for recycling

In our cities, we are seeing more and more types of recycling bins: yellow, green, blue, grey, brown, even small ones to recycle batteries, DVDs, etc. For some things, we know where they should go; but for others, it's less clear how to recycle them. Some of these doubts include [...]

26 Oct 2020

Solution at your fingertips

Wolf Group I Krimelte, a leading European manufacturer of construction chemistry products, is well known on all continents. The company invests approximately a million euros per year in product development and employs more than 400 people all over the world. Melanie Beinker-Wahl has been the country manager of [...]

14 Aug 2020

Polyurethane foam on the front line of construction

Polyurethane foam on the front line of construction In the insulation and sealing work of modern buildings, you cannot manage without polyurethane foam. Although foams have been on the market for quite a long time, manufacturers are constantly being asked to advise on how the foam works and what [...]

11 Jun 2020

Neutral versus acetoxy silicones

In chemical terms, various substances are understood either to be alkaline, neutral, or acidic. Silicones that are used for construction purposes are similarly divided into categories according to the chemicals that are released in the curing process, and are respectively neutral or acetoxy. Silicones are one of the best-known [...]

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