In our cities, we are seeing more and more types of recycling bins: yellow, green, blue, grey, brown, even small ones to recycle batteries, DVDs, etc.

For some things, we know where they should go; but for others, it’s less clear how to recycle them. Some of these doubts include products like spray foam tins and silicone cartridges.

What are you expected to do with them?

Both silicone cartridges and spray foam tins, as long as they are empty, can go in the yellow recycling bin.

If not totally empty, they will need to be taken to a recycling centre.

And what if you are a professional or industrial user with lots of containers?

Then you’ll have to use an authorised management firm or transfer centre.

Why is it important to put them in the right bin or take them to an authorised management firm?

  1. Because recycling is good for the environment.
  2. Because recycling helps save energy resources and raw materials, while also cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Because it helps promote the circular economy by using these resources to make new ones, as opposed to letting them go to waste.
Reciclar envases de espuma de poliuretano y cartuchos de silicona