After the acquisition of 100% of the participation of Olive Quimica S.A. in Spain on April 30, Wolf Group has taken another step forward in its commitment to the future by changing the company’s name to Krimelte UK Ltd.

The transaction opens up new opportunities that contribute to the strengthening of the group’s position as a silicone, sealant, adhesives and polyurethane foam manufacturer, turning it into an even more attractive partner for its customers. However, most importantly, it opens up an exciting period of growth and collaboration that we would love to continue sharing with you.

The change of the company’s name to Krimelte UK Ltd will not have any administrative impact. The Company and VAT Registration numbers will remain the same as will its contact details, its functional and operational organisation, its structure and its firm commitment to its customers, suppliers and financial partners. Furthermore, the Olivé brand will continue to be a product brand, keeping its image and packaging format.

“Changes are challenges that open up doors to new opportunities.”

Welcome to a new era!