The leading European manufacturer of chemical products for the construction sector has been granted ISO 14001 environmental management certification, on top of the ISO 9001 certification it already held, reaffirming its commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to a sustainable future.

Krimelte Iberia is committed to protecting the environment, saving energy and contributing to sustainable development. This commitment is manifested in the manufacturing processes through which the company seeks to generate as little waste as possible, making effective use of raw materials, which means less power and fewer natural resources are used. The end result can be seen in the products that meet the highest quality and safety standards and help homes save more energy.

ISO 14001 is an international standard that allows organisations to show their commitment to protecting the environment by managing environmental risks associated with the activities they carry out, under a framework of continuous improvement. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment and accountability, while also aiming to be an inspiration to its collaborators, in particular suppliers.

Since Krimelte began its activities over 45 years ago, it has progressively adapted its portfolio of products to the regulations and certifications in each country, using high-quality materials to exceed the demanding technical needs of each project.

The Krimelte Iberia environmental management system includes policies that implement a wide variety of activities through which the company seeks to minimise its impact on the environment and help save energy:

  • Take into account the hazardous nature of our production processes and their impact on the surrounding environment, and commit to minimising the risks to ensure our employees are safe and the environment, protected.
  • Use raw materials, power and natural resources efficiently, and recycle a considerable portion of the materials.
  • Select eco-friendly materials when planning new products and processes.
  • Take into account the legal requirements and other agreements regarding environmental aspects of the company’s activities.
  • Develop products that are leading the transition towards more eco-friendly models, minimising VOC emissions, that can be used to get sustainable building certification.

Because the mission of Krimelte | Wolf Group is to improve quality of life for people through safe building solutions, save energy and have less of an impact on the environment.

We save energy

Source: Ana Gómez
Head of Quality and the Environmental