1. Identification and activity of the company

The owner and responsible for the domain is OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A., a public limited company of Spanish nationality, domiciled at Av. Bertrán Güell, 78. Apdo nº33. E-08850 GAVÁ (Barcelona) registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona of registry data = R.M. Barcelona., Sheet 26.501. Folio 218. Volume 2.516. Book of Societies 1,900 Section 2ª and provided with CIF no. ESA08338550.

2. Description of

In the domain, the main service provided by OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. is to offer information about our services, as well as other secondary services, such as requesting orders.

3. Rights and obligations of the user.

The user agrees, by making sole and exclusive responsibility, to use the services offered by OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. in accordance with the law, these general conditions and their updates and in accordance with the rules of good faith, morality and public order generally accepted.

4. Provision of services by OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A.

4.1. The provision of services is free, indefinite, and freely revocable without prejudice to the provisions of the other general conditions.

4.2. In no case, OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. guarantees the availability, continuity or minimum level of quality of its services.

The user will not have any right to claim compensation of any kind (direct or indirect) for temporary interruptions or definitive suspension of services.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. undertakes to inform the user, whenever it is foreseeable with the necessary notice, any interruption of the service whose cause is the update or improvement of the services or their maintenance.

5. Industrial and intellectual property

All the information or the form of compilation of the information contained in the domain, such as, for example, the collection of information, graphic design, images, source code, trademarks, trade names. , denominations, among other distinctive signs are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of OLIVÉ QUÍMICA SA or from third parties.

Under no circumstances, access to the services of OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. supposes the total or partial resignation, transmission, assignment or license of said third parties, nor confers any right of use, translation, adaptation, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of said contents without the prior and express authorization of OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. or of the third owner of the rights affected. In no case is authorized (and will be prosecuted) the total or partial reproduction of the data and contents that can be accessed at or will be used in contravention of current legislation on industrial or intellectual property. The rights of the user to view and obtain a copy in the cache memory of his / her computer, as a transitory and accessory reproduction, are not affected, but under no circumstances is he authorized to communicate it to third parties.

6. Links from third-party sites to the domain

Any user wishing to include in their website any type of link that connects or transfers to the domain or the pages that comprise it, must notify OLIVÉ QUÍMICA SA in advance, and provided that said user or third refrain from making any manifestation, inclusion of content or provision of services on your site, whether with a lawful or unlawful nature, which could pose a damage to the image of OLIVÉ QUÍMICA SA

Notwithstanding the foregoing, OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. reserves the unilateral right to prohibit, limit, suppress or demand the elimination of the links established to the domain, when it deems convenient, by simple communication to the owner of the website that connects with www.olive- or the pages that comprise it, without under any circumstances being obliged to pay any type of compensation for this reason.

7. Modifications.

The information contained in is current as of the date of its last update and must be considered as introductory information for the user, relative to the services and other information included in its pages. The user can confirm the date of update of any information, if requested, by sending an e-mail by clicking on the “Contact” link included in the main page.

OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. You can modify at any time the terms of these General Conditions, publishing on the updated version thereof, without the need of any other notification to the users.

8. Notifications.

Any notification may be addressed to OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. by sending an e-mail by clicking on the “Contact” link included in the main page.

Any notification to the user may be sent to the email address indicated by the same at the time of registration.

9. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction.

OLIVÉ QUÍMICA S.A. and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction or applicable legislation that may correspond, are subject to Spanish common law legislation and the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain), unless the applicable law determines imperatively another jurisdiction or different legislation.

10. Consent of the user.

The user declares to have read these general conditions, accepting and consenting, fully and expressly, all the provisions in each of them each time you access or use their services.