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OLIVÉ TURBO is a very high strength, high viscosity, one-part elastic adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications, based on new hybrid technology.

Specially designed for fast and non-rigid structural bonding in construction, metal industry, auto, marine, etc., with excellent adhesion to most substrates including brick, concrete, ceramics, marble, wood, melamine, aluminium, metals and most plastics.

Completely neutral and odourless curing, OLIVÉ TURBO has minimal health and safety considerations, because does not contain solvents, silicones or isocyanate


  • Elastic bonding in many different construction applications as fixing panels, profiles, skirting boards, insulation plates, sills, window sills, frames, tiles,etc.
  • All heavy duty bonding application in metal industry.
  • Structural bonding in vibrating constructions. (vehicle body, containers, metal-to-metal,…).
  • Panel bonding in caravans, motor-homes, commercial vehicles
  • Mounting of panels, profiles, metal parts, etc.
  • Many bonding applications in the marine industry.


  • Extremely high initial grab.
  • Fast curing, nearly no shrinkage.
  • High final strength. Elastic bonding.
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide rangeof supports.
  • Verygood UV, weather and ageing resistance.
  • Silicone, isocyanates and solvent free.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Impact and vibration absorbing.
  • For both interior and exterior applications. • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Permits painting (test previously).




Packaging290 ml Cartridges
Raw material basisHybrid polymersHybrid polymers
Consistency:Non-slump paste
Specific gravity: (ISO 2811-1)Approx. 1,55 g/ml
Skin forming time: (OQ.16-internal)5-10 minutes (at 23ºC; 50% H.R.)
Curing rate: (OQ.18-internal)2-3 mm/24 h
Resistance to flow: (ISO 7390)Approx. 0 mm (at 5ºC and 50ºC)
Contenido en COV: (SCAQMD norma 1168)Aprox. 27 g/l
Consumo: (Boquilla 8 mm diámetro)Approx. 50 ml/linear meter
Shore A hardnese  (ISO 868)65
Application temperature:Between 5ºC to 40ºC
Temperatura de servicio:40ºC a 90ºC
Propiedades a tracción:
ISO 37 (2mm grosor, probeta tipo S2, 7 días 23ºC; 50% R.H.)
Módulo elástico 100%1,80 MPa
Tensión máxima2,50 MPa
Elongación a la rotura>250 %
Certificado de calidad del adhesivo Olibond Acrylic